California Department of Transportation

Office of CADD and Engineering GIS Support

The resource files on this website are the same as those loaded on all Caltrans CADD workstations. Caltrans employees are to get updated resource files from HQ-CADD or district CADD, but not from this website.

This Branch provides service to Caltrans users in the following areas:

  • Application Development and Support
  • Training of Design and Drafting Staff

This branch provides consultants with the resource files and guidance needed to complete the proper submittal of electronic files

On February 1, 2008, Caltrans began accepting MicroStation V8 format files for PS&E submittals. Caltrans will also continue to accept pre-V8 file formats. The V8 file format MUST adhere to the current Caltrans CADD Standards as defined in Section 4.1 of the CADD Users manual.

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For further information on Caltrans CADD Standards see: CADD Users Manual

For further information on submittal of Contract Plans for PS&E see: Plans Preparation Manual

For MicroStation questions please contact Jeff Kepley
For CAiCE or Civil 3D questions please contact Mark O'Dowd
For Engineering GIS questions please contact Kevin Chan

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