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CADD Users Manual

CADD Users Manual - U.S. Customary Units (English)

New Memorandum from Timothy Craggs concerning the status of MicroStation at Caltrans - "MicroStation, Caltrans Standard Drafting Software", 09/19/2014

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The CADD Users Manual is being updated to document changes to the English CADD Standards. These changes reflect the current Caltrans development/delivery process for projects being developed in English and delivered using CAiCE and/or MicroStation.

As of February 1, 2008, Caltrans will also accept a MicroStation V8 format file for PS&E submittal. See Section 4.1 of the CADD Users Manual for specific details and limitations/restrictions when using the V8 file format.

This Manual update is being completed incrementally and will be updated on the Caltrans Internet Web pages only. As sections are completed, they will be dated and posted to the web. When previously updated sections require corrections/additions, there will be a new date and a link to the Errata document. When all the sections of the manual are finished, the CADD Users Manual will be printed and available at the Caltrans Publications Distrubution Unit.

CADD Users Manual (Metric)

Updated: December 2, 2005

Printed copies of the CADD Manual (Metric) are not available.

For any questions or comments about the CADD Users Manual contact: Jeff Kepley